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ben-fellows-rafbf-294UPDATE: While we were on our way to cover Bilderberg in Watford we were contacted by Julia Fellows who had just returned home from filing an official Missing Persons Report with the police. She had received an email from Ben who had been in hiding. Please check with the UK Column’s report and subsequent followup for more details.


We have been in contact with whistleblower Ben Fellows’ wife on the disappearance of her husband. Please read the following article and get this out to as many people as possible, we all want Ben to return to his family safely.

At the recent UK Column conference, Ben was informed by Dave Eden, a former CID detective, that his wife was in immediate danger as a result of Ben’s work. It was made clear that Ben should have an “exit strategy”.

On Thursday 23rd of May, after the attacks in Woolwich (approximately half a mile from the Fellows residence),  Ben and his wife returned home from visiting friends to find that their flat had been broken in to. Nothing appeared to be stolen.

At 11:30pm that evening, the phone rang and an anonymous man told Ben to look outside his window to the other side of the street. A man in a black ski mask stood there on a mobile phone, the caller said “What happened to that soldier today is what is going to happen to you”

By the 28th of May, Ben and his wife decided to leave London and to drive to a safe house.  On arrival to the safe house, the couple were told that the safe house had been compromised, so Ben decided to leave on his own for fear of harm coming to his wife. He arranged to stay with a friend at a location known to Ben and his Wife.

However, nothing has been heard from Ben since he left on the 28th of May.  This morning (3rd of June), Ben Fellows’ wife received word from the friend whom Ben was to stay with, who alerted her that Ben never arrived.

We are now attempting to contact various resources to see if anyone in the intelligence network has any details on Ben’s location.

If you have any information on Ben, please contact us in complete confidentiality.


Update: June 3 2013 – 14:28

We have conducted a special interview with Julia Fellows, Ben’s wife regarding this story

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  1. Would like to help if I can…but some obvious questions…

    Have the Police been informed – if so which department and when?

    “By the 28th of May, Ben and his wife decided to leave London and to drive to a safe house. On arrival to the safe house, the couple were told that the safe house had been compromised, so Ben decided to leave on his own for fear of harm coming to his wife. He arranged to stay with a friend at a location known to Ben and his Wife.”

    How was the safe house compromised? How do they know it was? By whom?

    where is his wife? Why was she LEFT at the compromised ‘safe house’?

    why has it taken 5 days to establish if he got there safely?

  2. I have tried to contact Ben about a week ago on his website – as it now turns out it has been shut down as i wanted to ask him about being a speaker at the Bilderberg Fringe Fest (how he was approached for it) – which still sounds a bit sus to me. Wasn’t until i heard Tony Gosling was on the speakers list that i thought, ok maybe the Fringe Fest is going to actually be there for the right reasons. Keep me upto date. Ben is from Solihull, West Mids just like where i am.
    Has a missing persons report been filled in yet?

  3. Really hoping he is in hiding a some how makes contact with Bill its an absolute disgrace waht the establishment is capable of getting away with and covering up…fingers crossed and praying

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  5. Hopefully, Ben has taken himself off to a safe location which only he knows about. That way no-one can divulge his whereabouts even under pressure – it’s pretty much the only way to disappear safely, assuming he wasn’t followed . . .

    Hard on his wife, I concede, but hopefully it’ll all turn out well – though I can’t understand why there’s been no phone contact to reassure her. Or perhaps there has – she’d be very wise not to say so.

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  7. I am sorry to hear that Ben has gone missing but it seems those with a vested interest will do anything to keep them selves from being exposed . I hope he will be found safe

  8. I sincerely hope that the ex CID officer Dave Eden is pulling out all the stops and calling every single contact he has and has ever had to find Ben. It is time for the fear and bullying to stop and for people like Ben to be heard loud and clear. Ben tells a truth many people do not want to hear or to be heard and he needs to be found now.

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  10. hope that ben is found soon and nothing has happened to him see in this sick society we live in that when you tell the truth about evil things going on in the establishment things can happen to you I just hope the guy is alright GOD BLESS YOU BEN AND FAMILY MY THOUGHTS ARE WITH YOU,S

  11. Deep Insights Into Our World.

    Ben Fellows Verses The Dark Forces

    Without doubt what is happening to Ben Fellows is deadly serious; and by the confessions by senior police, there is little hope of them been seen, to either protect Ben, or give him protection; such is the power and the authority of the dark forces that have the British government lock stock and barrel together with key figures in the civil services under their thumb. Ken Clark and David Cameron are just two of their puppets where the dark force use sleaze as a force and management tool. That use debauchery, as a form of currency, and lever to get what they want; and they are not afraid to execute their authority to the max to protect these top echelon who they have a hold over that hold positions beneficial to the forces that control much of the planet. Ben faces an uphill struggle-for the master elite have the capacity to overturn anything that Ben has on anyone. Let him draw upon the strength of the Universal Consciousness to protect him and give him shelter, but also a voice to speak his truth. Our thoughts and consciences are focused upon Ben where thousands are willing him to remain safe, where he will be given the strength and the power to beat the establishment that is toxic corrupt and parasitized by evil dark forces that hold humanity in captivity as they hold the truth in shackles.

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  13. Looks very bad. Ben knows too much. I hope he turns up safe. For those who have followed the Savile thing and Ben’s own case, this really brings home the evil that is our elite.

  14. How can I be of help! If you want to use our “not for profit” community website to publish or broadcast material just e-mail: editor@ Thank you for your professional achievements in this matter.

  15. Ben, you had better be ok. Such a brave guy.
    MPs have immunity from prosecution under EU law so they have to literally be handed over – and they won’t be of course.
    Thinking of you and Julia.

  16. Im guessing the friends house was a bluff and his wife is pretending to not know were he is. Hopefully anyway

  17. While I hope he will be found alive, I fear that he may be found dead and regardless of the counter-evidence the death will be ruled a “suicide”.

  18. I’m so sorry. I will keep him in my prayers. I despise the way our world continues to go backwards, losing all morality and civilization along the way!

  19. It is time whistle blowers and victims are protected by the Police and the State not persecuted.

    There is a rogue element in the Police the CPS, Parliament and the Security Services who are all part of an Organised Crime Group who make fortunes from child porn.

    Bless Ben and Julia both need to seek political asylum as soon as possible. Get out of the UK

  20. I am sorry to say that I believe that Ben Fellows is a self seeking, self publicist who is desperate to carve a niche for himself in the so called “liberty” movement. I believe he’d sell his granny for the spotlight; once a child actor … always a child actor. I don’t buy this; he’ll show up in a couple of days / weeks with some story he can do the rounds with that will ensure he gets the attention he so obviously craves. I don’t trust his motives in anything he does. Lou, Bill Maloney YOU ARE BEING PLAYED LIKE A FIDDLE. The key is that Julia Fellows won’t call the police .. why not, he’s missing isn’t he? Oh and of course, ” …the way to keep Ben safe is to get this story out” Yeah right. Pull the other one. Desperate, desperate attempt to publicize themselves. Be more discerning guys!!!

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  22. This unmasking of Ben Fellows has nothing to do with the veracity or content of his articles but rather his very, very well hidden agenda to promote himself. Trust me, this is a desperate publicity stunt. Apply the same level of scrutiny that you would use to decode Government statements and you will start smelling some pretty calculated bullshit here and if you can’t tell by her speech patterns that his wife IS IN ON IT then I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you.
    Do you really think MI5 are this stupid as to do something this utterly transparent and clumsy, give em some credit! And as for “…the safe house had been compromised” are you shitting me, this is risible. Don’t just accept this, put his story to the test when he “surfaces” and you’ll see him saying it was either a misunderstanding or if you lot keep biting the way you are, it will be hyped up more. LOU and JAMES please take a step back, take a deep breath (as David says) and look at this again. Fellows is a product of the media. Also, it’s impossible to raise suspicions about anybody in the truth movement because it will get rejected out of hand as being some one trying to discredit the info; I am not. I do not comment on his accusations but that he was utterly opportunistic in the way that, out of no where, he’s now this abused young actor, I thought he was the G4S insider , no wait now he’s … whatever will get him publicity.

  23. Ben, the Bostom Bombers and I can go on and on and I’ll I can think about is the movie ” Enemy of the State” and the insanity of whats going on with the global governments!

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    Report this to 1) the police and, 2) Ben’s Member of Parliament. If they choose to do nothing so be it – but they will subsequently regret it when exposed.

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  29. I have already posted elsewhere that, when David Wilcock of “Divine Cosmos” was revealing the secrets of the gold wars, his life was threatened last December but received protection from a person that Kerry Cassidy was able to contact. This person advised Wilcock NOT TO FLEE because people can always be followed anywhere using satellite. It might be worth a call to Kerry Cassidy to see if she can summon help. Meanwhile I pray for his safety along with all of us.



  31. Good men like you Ben are needed to expose the corruption.. Hope you are well and safe return to your family.

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  33. My heartfelt prayers and positive energy go out to Ben and his family for his safe return. May he be returned to them soon unharmed.
    This has really gone on long enough and something seriously needs to be done about it. They have, and are, systematically gotten rid of the whole team and anyone associated with it. It’s ludicrous to think that we have allowed this to go on doing nothing to stop them or calling them out on it.

  34. look..its ok saying ‘whistleblower’ but in times of war where our fellow citizens in the army are in danger from leaks from these ‘whistleblowers’ its difficult to determine treason from such activities. I sure wish this guy well and his family. However, there is much much wrong with society that needs to be revealed yet its important to realise that some see whistleblowin as treason unless its to expose the real wrongs and not put us at risk from an enemy. why is it ok now to whistleblow when before it was a threat to us all? we are not naive to the exploitation in this world and its horrors…do we really need to counter it by revealing official information to joe public that he has no use for? only enemies will benefit. i do hope this lad is ok of course he shouldnt be at risk for doing what he thinks is right. However i cannot help but think of the old saying ..if you fly with the crows….. good luck

  35. We hope that Ben will be back where he belongs – with his family – very soon.

    In the meantime, we have reposted the ‘full disclosure’ videos on Vimeo ( to help make sure this important information does not disappear from the public domain.

    The disappearance of Ben shows us in the alternative media community that we must take care of our own security. No need to be overly paranoid, but some basic precautions need to be in place ‘just in case’ something ‘inexplicable’ happens, or something happens which is ‘out-of-character’ or ‘unusual’ – such as Ben disappearing without a trace etc.

    The usual ‘authorities’ cannot be relied on to act swiftly, or take unusual incidents seriously enough to become proactive, especially when some of the material we produce is a direct threat to those in positions of control or influence.

    Up until recently, we have enjoyed the luxury of being fairly safe, and free to express controversial views and expose the wrongdoing of those in government etc. Now the situation is changing.

    The escalation of change within our society that has occurred over the past few years should be ringing alarm bells. We are rapidly seeing an undercurrent of oppression developing where those in power are implementing tactics very similar to those used in the socialist communism regimes of the past.

    We (at Order of Truth) have worked in such regimes and been subjected to tactics used by state authorities. It is not pleasant, it is not easy to overcome, but it is possible with the cooperation and support of others who are serious in ensuring that the network of information is kept alive and in the public domain.

    Of course, it is not only the authorities we have to be concerned about. We may come under threat from corporations or some ‘crazy’ person, and we need to be equally prepared.

    We need to stand strong and we need to stand together. We need to make sure that the disappearance of Ben is noticed and kept alive.

    Most of all, we need the courage of our convictions, and must not cave-in at the slightest pressure (which we have noticed some so-called ‘alternative media’ website owners seem to do at the drop of a hat).

  36. I hope Ben gets found or comes back safe and well,
    And that there will soon be a search for him & thats hes not just brushed
    Under the carpet like he never existed as im sure thats maybe what the ones in higher places want,its about time the people of this country got justice
    And they concentrated on the real criminals out there the ones they do definitely know about and they r still choosing to do nothing.

  37. Breath taking!!!
    This is a totally shocking story, and I cant believe it is not fiction, but a true story that happening to Ben, a fellow human being…!
    Once again, it becomes clear, that…there is no justice! Or, there is; but this depends who you are, your class in this damn society.

    This is a deep deep corruption, and it is so clear…I cannot believe this could be happening in UK.
    SCANDALOUS, in short…!!!

    I just hope you are well, and hope to hear from you, BEN.



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